What Shall We Give?

I found this video on lds.org and thought it was a beautiful message. At the end I was surprised to see Brian's grandma in it! Ward members often help her with her yard work and I guess they were filmed doing it.

I am so looking forward to Christmas. This time of the year is so different from any other time. It causes me to reflect on my life and all of my blessings. I have so much to be thankful for, foremost my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am thankful for his birth, his life, his forgiveness, his resurrection. I believe in him and his healing power. I hope your Christmas is full of family and good memories and that you feel the spirit of Christ.



Thanksgiving was great for us here in Tejas! I only took one picture over the entire weekend --- which was jam packed! Gah! I'm the worst! So Brian suggested to make the post about our weekend interesting by saying what I am thankful for ...

I'm thankful for friends who throw Pie Parties and allow me to make a "Berrie to Die for Pie".

I'm thankful for Turkey Bowls on Thanksgiving morning that make husbands very happy.

I'm thankful for Beckham. And I'm thankful he helped me do my Thanksgiving cooking even if it did slooooww things down a bit.

I'm thankful for friends here in Texas that were thoughtful enough to invite us over for a Thanksgiving feast.

I'm thankful for said feast and for conversation & laughs with said friends.

I'm thankful for FUN times during a girls' night of Black Friday shopping.

I'm thankful that Beckham voluntarily slept until TEN so I could get a few zzZZzZ after shopping until 5am. (Spent $200 on items that would have totaled $475!!!)

I'm thankful for competition that makes life exciting -- BYU vs. Utah.

I'm not thankful for the outcome of said game, but we had fun watching it with friends.

I'm thankful for family - whom we missed tremendously and SO look forward to seeing in just THREE weeks. Is Christmas really that close??

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Been makin some pies lately ... here are some pictures of the lovelies.
They may not look beautiful ... but they tasted beautiful.

Caramel Apple Pie

Classic Pecan Pie

Pink Lemonade Pie


Beckham plays in his crib for like 20 minutes before he naps .. then he crashes!

This kid is so dang happy!


NEW E*TRADE Baby -- Time Out

I laugh out loud every time I see these commercials.
This one, "Time out", might be the best one.
There are two version and both are hilarious!


4 Months!

This little guy is 4 months today!!

He weighs 14 pounds (50th percentile)
Is 26 inches long (40th percentile)
Smiles & Squeals like it is nobody's business
Quit sleeping through the night :(
Flirts with all the ladies old & young at church
Eats/Sucks on everything he can get in his mouth

Love him!!


Bumbo & Rice Cereal

Today was a big day for Beckham.

He got a new chair .. more like a throne. I've been begging Brian to let me get him a Bumbo (off of craigslist for $15!!!) & finally convinced him that:
a. $15 is not that much money
b. $15 is especially not that much money if the item retails for $50
c. it could easily be stored out of site and thus out of mind

Beckham also ate rice cereal for the first time today! We were excited about this and so we taped it. I have a bajillion videos we've taken of him and I want to post them on here for the Grandparents sake because I can't figure out how to email them (I've tried zipping them)... but I refrain because I don't want to be a psycho-obsessive mother. So occasionally there will be a video of my boy and you will just have to suck it up.

Bumbo = success
Rice Cereal = well see the video below. Oh & please don't judge me by my nastiness ... Brian has the flu and so I took that as an excuse to not get ready.




Gracias everyone for your thoughts on my current weight problem!!!!

Great ideas and suggestions!!



Ok everyone. I need some help.

I had ZERO cravings during pregnancy -- in fact the thought of sweets kind of grossed me out. I exercised several times a week ... did P90x up until two weeks before I had little b.

BUT NOW, now I can't stop eating and can't seem to get my large behind to the gym.

PLEASE give me some ideas ... healthy recipes, ways to curve a HUGE appetite and awful cravings, workout ideas. ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!




We went up to Fort Worth for the BYU vs. TCU football game. We have been bummed about our loosing record, but still had a really fun time at the game.

We met Jarem & Camilla there and baked in the sun together. Some mission friends of Brian's babysat Beckham for us -- our first babysitters and it went AWESOME!

We LOVE football and it was fun to see a couple good friends from high school get a lot of playing time!

Go Carter (#15)!!


New Truck

We were the proud owners of this truck:

And now we drive this:

Ever since we started driving company trucks I've realized that I have to be extra careful not to cut people off, honk my horn at annoying drivers, pick my nose, etc., etc.


3 Months Old

So the handsome boy named Beckham is 3 months old now. Here are some of the most recent shots of the hottie!

He "sits" now & apparently plays Xbox with his dad.

Beckham has been swimming since he was like 4 weeks old. He totally relaxes whenever he gets in the water. He's just tankin up before the big swim. The little green hat was @ the dollar store! Holler!

Runnin errands.

I love his naked rolls.

We got his ears pierced ... NOT.

Beckham's Blessing Day

While in Utah we blessed Beckham -- what a great day!

We blessed him at Brian's parent's home. LOTS of family & friends attended. THANKS!

Brian said some beautiful things to our son & I cried like a baby.

Here are some photos from the day. . .

Davis Family Left to Right- Devin, Jill, & Gretchen, Brian, Me, & Beckham, Joel, Melissa, Christian, Taylor, & Ashlyn, Christine & Britton.

Can't find the Hallows family picture ... BOO!

Something or someone made Beckham laugh pretty hard

Aunt Melissa & b

Some of the attendees

Our little family!!

Trip to Utah in September

I am having BIG problems formatting my blogs lately ... some of the tools are not appearing. HELP! So, sorry that this post is so awkward to read!

We went to Utah for two and a half weeks in September ... what a trip!
-We attended our home ward sacrament meeting
-Went to cousin Travisse's homecoming
-Hung out with Melissa & Joel & fam ... A LOT
-Hit up our favorite restaurants
-Saw lots of friends: Karen & Jace, Cody & Lyndsey, Allan & Erika, Lauren, Joanna, Michelle, Karie & my Maple Lake students, so many I am leaving some out I am sure!
-Hung out with Brian's parents - FOOD, movies, fun!
-Went to St. George to see my family
-Saw Tarzan at Tuachan
-Got massages & adjustments at the Chiropractor
(ProHealth, Dr. Bentley, St. George - He's great & so is the receptionist!)
-Went swimming @ Linda & Tam's
-Visit with Lane & Bobbi
-Brian got to play Xbox all night with his friends
-Went to Logan to party with Devin & Jill & NEW baby cousin Gretchen!
-Worked ALL day as food vendors at Peach Days. Lot's of fun with the Hallows!
-And the reason for our trip ... Blessed Beckham! (Separate post)

Cousin Christian loved holding his new buddy Beckham!

The Staheli Cousins & b

b & his cousin Gretchen and her crazy hair!

Kissing cousins

Brian's brother Devin holding Gretchen, Brian holding Beckham

Me, Mom, Dallyn @ Tarzan

Dad, Reed, Brian @ Tarzan

Uncle Lane & Bobbi

Beckham, Dallyn, & Naked Tio Reed

Brian & STILL naked Reed

Me, Erika, & b

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5527274768177434786" />

Us with Karen, Jace & McRae


Good Morning

Thought Mimi, Goppy, Grandma, & Grandpa would like this!
Wish I were this cute in the morning.
Sorry my voice is so high pitched and squeaky.

Not my typical post

No need to make comments on this post. I just have felt guilty for my bad attitude lately, well the last few years, and needed to get some things off my chest.

I was reading someone's blog tonight that told a heartbreaking story of a family that has REAL needs. I sobbed. I felt so selfish for my complaining, my stupid tendency to pick fights with my husband, to take offense at dumb things, to be annoyed that I have to attend mutual on Wednesdays and teach on Sundays, for holding grudges rather than forgiving, and the list goes on.

The last few months I've been trying to refocus my life - rededicate myself to all things good.

I have been slowly trying to help our family hold Family Home Evening.
I TRY to remember to read scriptures at night with Brian.
I started attending a mission prep class a couple months ago -- got lazy last week and skipped & thought about not going back for the rest of the classes -- but decided I am NOT going to let myself be a quitter on this one.
I had a really bad attitude about being called back into Young Womens, but I'm working on that.
I am starting the personal progress program and dreading it, but I am a believer in not telling people to do things that I wouldn't do myself. SO I am going to work on personal progress as I encourage my laurels to do the same.
I am going to let go of grudges that way me down. (If I can succeed at this my marriage might reach perfection! HA!)

These are the things that are on my mind and for some reason I felt the need to honest to the world - so I blogged about it.


Taylor Anne

Our niece Taylor has chosen to get baptized. We are so proud of this BEAUTIFUL young lady and are thankful for the example she is setting for us.

Taylor you are a fun, sweet, helpful, and kind girl and we LOVE you SO much!


Visit From Goppy

Goppy playing with Beckham. We're trying to improve his upper body strength.

We've realized that Beckham has a thing about blankets. He will be freaking out and then all we do is throw a blanket over his face and he either plays with it, sucks on it, or falls asleep. In this picture he was freaking and so I told my dad to cover him ... 30 seconds later the boy was OUT COLD!

Just hanging out with Goppy.

My sister in law Camilla and two nieces Sofie & Lucy.

Cousin King on his blessing day.

My brother Jarem has been commuting to Brazil the last few months for work and when he returns each week he gives the girls his first class flyer gift bag -- eye covers, socks, earplugs, etc. Lulu is modeling it.

Brian & Lulu. I'm not sure how she is going to handle the news that she CAN'T marry Brian.

Goppy holding Beckham & King. (We just found out that my sister Ari's baby GIRL - due in January - is actually a baby BOY! THREE grandsons in one year!)

Thanks Goppy for coming to see us! We loved having you visit! Come again SOOOOON!!!!!


B & L

The mama & the daddy

So Cute

I could just die lookin at this face!!

Short & Fat

Apparently this little guy is short and fat.

At his two month checkup (which he was actually more like 7 weeks old) he was in the 30th percentile for his height and 50th percentile for his weight. He had gained 4 pounds exactly. He got 5 shots in his legs and was THE MOST cuddly, whimpery, cute little snuggle buddy all day.


Dallas, Texas

Little b and I took a trip up to Dallas while Big B was in Baltimore for business. Jarem was on business in Brazil so it was just Camilla and I.

We spent our time hanging out with his cousins, particularly his cousin King who we hadn't met yet! Kingsley was born four days after Beckham and we have been DYING to meet the little dude. We had lots of fun playin with him, Sofie, and Lucy. More than anything though, I enjoyed my time hanging out with Camilla!

Beckham & King

The only place b & King were safe from Sofie and Lucy was on top of the counter.

The little ladies

Sofie & I

I didn't realize how big Lucy has gotten or how small Beckham was until Lulu sat his carseat.

I took the girls to McDonalds to play one day.

Sofie holding Beckham .. I think he's almost outgrown his "newborn" clothing .. what do you think??