Let me give you a run down of our life the last few months.... November 2011 found out we were moving at the end of December. Brian got a promotion.--- December 2011 Brian and I went on a cruise. Sooo much fun! Great snorkeling in Cozumel and days full of sunshine, eating, and relaxation!--- My parents watched Beckham while we went then offered to take him back to Utah with them for a week while we packed up our house to move. It was hard for me because Beckham preferred my Dad over me after being gone for 5 days on our cruise. BUT I knew it was what needed to happen.--- We flew out for Christmas.. Reunited with our baby boy and had a GREAT time with the Hallows, but missed Ari, Danny, and Tristan.--- Came home to Austin... Loaded a trailer the next day and moved to Dallas the next day.--- So sad to leave friends. So sad.--- Attended our new ward and loved it! Made great friends quickly and hang out with them pretty much daily. This is Beckham's bestie/frenemy Cody. We love their family!---
I got a job at Lifetime Fitness after lazily looking for two years... But it happened quick when we moved here. When it's right it's right. It was a tough transition working again... even if it was only 10 hours a week. I felt like my coworkers didn't like me and I got yelled at a lot. Things are better now.--- Beckham and I went to Austin for Girls' Night and to celebrate my 24th!--- Got put into Young Womens.. Second counselor. Brian was made Ward Mission Leader. .. Both excited!--- Went to a Mavs game with some new friends.--- Brian turned 27!!--- Went to Austin to babysit our friends' kids for the weekend. Love those boys!--- Brian got Lasik and had to wear some sweet glasses everywhere he went!!!---
Found out we were pregnant in January, but miscarried at 13 weeks in March. It was horrific and heart breaking. I had to spend a weekend in the hospital and just about lost my life... Grew and learned some hard lessons, but mostly came away stronger and grateful for our Heavenly Father's plan.--- Parents came to visit for their spring break and ended up caring for my family while I recovered. We had fun and I loved the time I got to spend with them. The Hallows rock.. They Rock I tell ya!---
Had a great Easter; ward Easter Egg Hunt, Lifetime Fitness Easter Egg Hunt, Dinner with friends on Easter Sunday.---
Started a coed softball team with a bunch of new ward friends... Best.Decision.Ever. Our first game is in a couple weeks, but we practice weekly and then grab dinner. SUCH a fun group!--- Beckham started swimming lessons.---
Started running a couple time a week with a friend... Lovin this!--- Went to the Dallas Children's museum and found out what we'd look like as midgets.---
Brian went to a Mavs playoff game... too bad we got swept!---
Went to Austin while Brian and his Austin buddies went deep sea fishing on the coast. Had such a fun weekend. Pictures to come...--- Beckham is hilarious and we love him! That boy talks like cuhrazy! I will do a post just about him next!


Showing off

All Things Beckham- 18 months

This boy cracks me up! Here is what he is doing now... some things he has been doing for a long time, but since I haven't posted in a long time you would never know!

-Points to pictures of animals and says what sound they make. Cow, horsie, doggie, kitty, zebra (no noise), duck, birdie, fish (no sound)..
-Loves to read. We read books all day long. Sometimes I find him sitting on the floor or at the kitchen table with one cracked open.
-So full of personality.
-Talks about his Mimi & GopGop all day long. (They recently babysat for two weeks and then we spent a third week there for Christmas!)
-Shoots basketballs in his new hoop-- fell in love after King got one for Christmas.
-Says a bazillion words and copies everything we say.
-Says "buuuug!" when Brian is annoying him. So proud for teaching him this!
-Throws tantrums over the carseat, booster for meals, stroller... bottom line: "don't strap me down!"
-Eats like a bird one day and then a cow the next.
-Strawberries are number 1 in his life right now.
-Carries around a stuffed monkey that my Grandparents gave him-- calls him "Baby". Baby goes EVERYWHERE Beckham goes.
-Is attached to a blanket, but it doesn't have to travel with us.
-Loves pushing various carts/wagons around and filling it with stuff he finds.
-Keys! Obsessed! I've got to go make him a set before he misplaces mine.
-Knows all of his body parts verbally and points.
-Dreams of being outside all day, everyday.
-Loves bikes. Haven't been able to find one he can actually ride yet.
-Loves babies.
-Is naughty!
-Climbs... loves when he can get the kitchen chair from under the table so he can climb up on the table.
-Watches some cartoons a little more.
-Loves laying on the ground, rolling around.
-Is very silly and does a silly laugh when he is entertaining us.
-Yells, "Dahhhhh!!!!!!!!" every once in a while to find out where Brian is. I LOVE this.
-Repeats a word over and over and over and over until I say the word and let him know I understand.
-Loves animals, especially when we see birds outside.
-Started nursery a couple weeks ago and is in Heaven and so am I.
-Doesn't walk... HE RUNS everywhere he goes.
-Also obsessed with airplanes.
-Gives the cutest kisses with the best puckered up lips.
-Grunts and runs full speed into us, then raps his arms around us for hugs. Love!
-Loves to wrestle and he's good at it.
-Working on learning his cousins names via a picture book we got for Christmas.
-Understands my directions very well.. doesn't always follow though.
-Has a mouthful of teeth.
-Loves butt paste and asks for it every time he gets a diaper change.
-Starting to put multiple words together.
-Gasps and says "Ohhhh!" when he hears something like an airplane or gets excited.
-Insists on wearing some kind of hat everywhere we go.
-Got a rolling backpack that is his favorite! It's another thing that goes everywhere with him!

He is quite a character and keeps us entertained! Love that little boy!


Beckham's 1st Birthday!

Oh the day my baby turned toddler. It just about killed me. He's growing up too fast.

We had friends and family over at our club house for a BBQ and a dip in the pool. It was dinosaur themed and we had a great time. Beckham didn't really get into his smash cake all that great... until we turned off the camera... and then things got messy!

Here are some pictures from the festivities.

The birthday boy:

Some of the friends

Some of the decorations:

Some of the food:

Thanks to all our friends/family who attended and made this a special day for our family!

Where the hell have we been??

I feel like the worst person ever. No, not for swearing in my title. I swear all the time. It's because I feel like a loser for the status of my blog. Here we are though, January of 2012 so I am going to give a brief summary of the second half of 2011.

July- We had my brother Reed out to visit for two weeks. We did lots of great stuff and enjoyed having him with us. We went to Sea World, went stand up paddle boarding, worked out a lot, swam, played Xbox, went to the Blue Bell factory.... Great times!

July- Beckham turned ONE! My baby grew up and we had a party to celebrate. Watch for a separate post... MAYBE.

July- Ran my first half marathon with one of my besties/SIL Camilla. Seriously proud of this accomplishment!

August- I went to New York with some of my best girlfriends and HAD.A.BLAST.

August- VISITORS! I love having people come to see us. Means the world to me. We hosted Brian's brother Devin, SIL Jill, and Baby Gretchen for a weekend. We also had Devin's BF Kevin. Love these people- laughed all weekend! We went to the [sad] BYU vs Texas game, ate some good grub, played tennis, worked around babies naps!

September- Nannied 2 YEAR OLD TWINS (and Beckham) FULL TIME. Need I say more?

September- Took a weekend off and went camping with some great friends at a beautiful place called Garner State Park. Camping with a baby was....not awesome... but we had a lot of fun anyways! Beckham was dirty within seconds and was stripped to his diaper ASAP. ItWasHOT! Our tent was filled with ants one night.. no bueno. The food was as expected... FABULOUS! Love camp food.. you know... it aint good camp food unless it sends you to the bathroom in the middle of the night. We swam, played cards, played horseshoes, visited with friends, listened to some country music a la Nate Burnham.

October- Went to Utah for two weeks to take care of my nieces and nephew while Jarem & Cam went on a much deserved vacation. I had a blast. These kids are like my kids... I adore them. Camilla probably thinks I am creepy. We had a crazy couple of weeks with 4 kids ages 3 and under. Beckham had an ear infection, both boys got a virus that caused diarrhea which led to awful diaper rashes, Beckham WOULD not sleep for more than an hour at a time because he was in so much pain... so I slept an hour at a time. I got to get my work out on and fell in love with Lifetime fitness. Got to spend time with my seeesters and Mom and Dad.. then a little later Reed. Got to spend a decent amount of time with the Davis crew. Great and crazy trip. Oh and Halloween happened too. I dress the girlies up as ballerinas, King was a nerd, and Beckham was a bum.

November- Felt a lot of gratitude. Found out we would be moving to Dallas- so sad. Made a pie that I was pritt-eee proud of. Spent Thanksgiving with our best friends. Black Friday shopped and scored some suhweet deals!

December- TIMELINE.
2nd: Was attempting from scratch carrot cake for our Ward Christmas Partay when I grated a chunk off my pinkie. Guhross. Made some awesome cupcakes instead.
ALL MONTH: Cherished the last few weeks with our Austin friends!
10th: Went on a cruise... YES, Brian and I went on a cruise! Dream come true! My parents watched little b.
17th: My parents took Beckham back to Utah with them so Brian and I could pack and be ready to move immediately after Christmas.
17th: Cried a lot sending Beckham on that plane... but knew he was in the BEST care!
23rd: Flew to Utah babyless- took a nap, watched a movie, didn't rip any hair out.
24th-28th: Spent time with my family- love all the Hallows. We had a Just Dance 2 round robin tourny, jumped in the bounce house, ate Dad's homemade salsa, smoked ribs, opened presents from each other, shopped and had lunch with the seesters/mama, play Pickle Ball and now Brian is addicted, took countless walks, shared great moments from 2011, missed Ari/Danny/Little T, and so much more. Thanks Mimi and Goppy for hosting all of us.
28th: Returned to Austin. Best flight Beckham has ever had.
29th, morning: Friends from Austin helped empty our apartment and fill our trailer. We headed to Dallas.
29th, evening: Awesome members from our new ward helped move us into our 3rd story apartment.

HUGE SHOUT out to my mom and dad who were crucial to my sanity during the month of December. Beckham was sick during both of the times they cared for him and they didn't complain once. They deserve a medal for courage. I love them and knew Beckham was being spoiled rotten and all my rules were being broken, but that he was being taken care of by the two people I trust most!

January- Getting settled in, unpacked within the first two days. Starting to explore our new area. Our new ward is small and seems... dated, but they are the kindest, most welcoming people I have ever met. They made me feel so wanted and needed and I am so excited to be a part of them. No friends yet. That's ok. They will come. I got a job at Lifetime Fitness and couldn't be more excited. I think it is an awesome place and am excited to be a part of what they do! It is two minutes walking distance from our apartment- hello! And I get a free membership... another dream come true because Lifetime is not cheap!

So there you have it. That's my short version of what we've been doing.