Moving Away

My older brother Jarem, his sweet wife, Camilla, and their two baby girls,Sofie & Lucy, are moving to Florida next week. They will be there for the summerthen moving to Dallas where Jarem will start at Bain in the fall.

Jarem has always been an incredible example to me. A lot of people would think it would be hard to live in his shadow... sometimes it is....but because he is so humble and works so hard, I have never felt less than him. He is an amazing husband and father and the best brother.

I love Camilla so much... she became a best friend very quickly. Several times in the last few years I've done something crazy and Camilla always calls and says "Sis, I don't
think you are crazy. Just tell me everything that happened."
She's never judged me and always been willing to share her clothes!

My little Sophie is someone I will miss tremendously. I have loved living close to
Jarem and his family for many
reasons, but hanging out with Nena has been one of the best!

I am going to miss her and the newest addition Lucy Rene.