Brushing your teeth is so much fun, you never let the water run.

Remember that Barney song?? Brushing my teeth is so much fun, I never let the water run. No! I never let the water run. Anyways, here's little b brushing his teeth. (For the grandparents who want to see every detail of Beckham's life.)

Beckham ALMOST Walking

Beckham is trying so hard to walk! It's so fun to watch him learning this new skill. Ahhhh I love him!


Beckham' s Latest Tricks

So Beckham is a toddler now and pretty much on a daily basis, often more, Brian or I comment on how grown up b is and how he isn't a baby anymore. Boo Hoo! Here's the latest and greatest from Beckham.

.He says "No.no.no" when he is getting into something he knows he shouldn't (DVD cabinet, hair products, remotes..)
.Started snuggling every night before bed and it is THE GREATEST THING
."Cleans" when he finds a rag
.Does a phony balogna (when I read that word I say it buh-loge-nuh... Don't do what I do) laugh when others laugh
.Likes to stand and balance on his own
.When "cruising" along furniture he loves to jump from piece to piece
.Puts on his shoes .. Lifts one leg up with one hand and tries to put the shoe on with his other hand
.Dances when music comes on
.Gives high fives
.LOVES fruit smoothies and drinks them from a straw
.Holds my cell phone to his ear and says "eyoh?" or "erroh?"
.Points the remote at the TV and pushes buttons
.Says momma, daddy, hello, nonono (often while shaking his finger), no
.Says "Pssst" to get my attention because that's what Brian and I do to him
.Walks from me to Brian a few feet away ... Loves this game
."Combs" his "hair" with my pick
.Says "uh oh" when things fall or something happens
.I've had a cold and a leftover cough for a couple weeks .. He fake coughs and puts his fist in front of his mouth whenever I cough

Needless to say he is the cutest! He is naughty naughty and very whiny if he doesn't have my full attention, but man he is the best!!!