What Shall We Give?

I found this video on lds.org and thought it was a beautiful message. At the end I was surprised to see Brian's grandma in it! Ward members often help her with her yard work and I guess they were filmed doing it.

I am so looking forward to Christmas. This time of the year is so different from any other time. It causes me to reflect on my life and all of my blessings. I have so much to be thankful for, foremost my Savior, Jesus Christ. I am thankful for his birth, his life, his forgiveness, his resurrection. I believe in him and his healing power. I hope your Christmas is full of family and good memories and that you feel the spirit of Christ.



Thanksgiving was great for us here in Tejas! I only took one picture over the entire weekend --- which was jam packed! Gah! I'm the worst! So Brian suggested to make the post about our weekend interesting by saying what I am thankful for ...

I'm thankful for friends who throw Pie Parties and allow me to make a "Berrie to Die for Pie".

I'm thankful for Turkey Bowls on Thanksgiving morning that make husbands very happy.

I'm thankful for Beckham. And I'm thankful he helped me do my Thanksgiving cooking even if it did slooooww things down a bit.

I'm thankful for friends here in Texas that were thoughtful enough to invite us over for a Thanksgiving feast.

I'm thankful for said feast and for conversation & laughs with said friends.

I'm thankful for FUN times during a girls' night of Black Friday shopping.

I'm thankful that Beckham voluntarily slept until TEN so I could get a few zzZZzZ after shopping until 5am. (Spent $200 on items that would have totaled $475!!!)

I'm thankful for competition that makes life exciting -- BYU vs. Utah.

I'm not thankful for the outcome of said game, but we had fun watching it with friends.

I'm thankful for family - whom we missed tremendously and SO look forward to seeing in just THREE weeks. Is Christmas really that close??

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!