a TIE for my little GUY

Wednesday night I stayed up late making this .......

a little TIE for my little guy! --- Isn't it sweet??
It's so little and I just can't wait to see my little man dressed up for church in it. It was a pretty shoddy sewing job, but for my first attempt at sewing I'm pretty dang proud of it! I got a sewing machine from my parents for graduation (BEST gift -- thanks mom & dad) and am excited to start attempting to be crafty.

Had to put the little tie on a little shirt Brian's mom picked out for Baby B.

I found the tie pattern on the makeit-loveit.com blog.



The Move

Well on May 3rd my boys and I are moving to Austin, Texas.

Brian accepted a job from Black & Decker several months ago and was told that he would be told his location much closer to his graduation date. Well, here we are, two weeks away from graduation and we now know we are soon going to be proud citizens of Texas.We hear from MANY people that it is such a wonderful place to live.

I am experiencing a wave of emotions.
1. I am SO excited to be starting this adventure with Brian!
2. I am realizing that I am scared to death to not be surrounded by our family.
3. We've just started to really make some good friends in our ward and so it's hard to think of starting all over with that.
4. I am SO excited to think about becoming a mom this summer and the opportunity I will have to be at home with my son ... but I am a girl that has always overloaded myself with work, school, extracurricular activities, and friends. I am scared to death to be at home all day. I know the value of having a mom stay at home with her children -- my mom did this when I was young and I couldn't have imagined it being any better. I'm just not sure how good I will be at "staying at home".
5. Stress! Trying to complete my senior capstone, other papers, moving logistics, the growing thing inside me :), etc. is stressing me out!

Anyways, I thought it was time to make the announcement.


Girls Night Out

When the boys go to Priesthood Session it's tradition to have a girls night. Melissa, Christine, and I (plus Melissa's kiddos) went to JoAnn's to pick out fabric for baby blankets. Then met the boys for dinner. We had lots of fun!!

While we were there I ran into some of my best friends from high school ... Emily Iva & Mallory. It was soo fun to see them!

Week 25 day 5 ...



This is our nephew PARKER TAFT JOHNSON.
He came yesterday ... 5 weeks early. He's doing pretty darn well for being that early. His mom is recovering well from a fast delivery that left her a little beat up.
We love him already and are so excited he's here.
Carrie and Taft live in Germany so we don't know when we'll get to meet him, but we're glad for his safe arrival.


We also found out yesterday that Devin & Jill are expecting a little girl one month after our little guy comes!!
Yes that makes a new nephew yesterday from Carrie & Taft, our little man in July, Jarem & Camilla's baby boy in July, and a little girl from Devin & Jill in August. WOW!!! Baby overload for the Davis' family and Hallows' family!