Manners Matter

Beckham is quite the gentleman and always sits with his ankles crossed.



Beach Bums

My friend Kjersti, her baby girl Presli, Beckham, and I headed to South Padre Island (about 6 hours from Austin) to visit the beach. Her husband is working down there for a couple of weeks so we crashed at his hotel with him. I can't say it was relaxing .. in fact, taking a baby to the beach was quite the opposite ... but it was SO FUN!!

Here are some pictures from our trip!

Beckham is belly laughing because Presli is in his carseat and is kicking him.

He changes his own diaper too.

We are so excited because we are headed to the beach!

When Beckham sits on his little tush he does theee cutest little routine of bending completely over and resting his face flat on the ground. It is down right adorable! Well he did it in the sand and ended up with a face full.

Tasted the sand & didn't like it.

Naps on the beach. It took ten minutes of full on screaming and a bottle for each of them (spiked with nyquil) and they finally gave in.

Just pondering the life he has lived.

I LOVE this face ... he likes to "play" with his teef. He slides his tongue over them, rubs them on his upper gums, touches them with his pointer finger ...

He is seriously my best buddy. I have enjoyed this stage where he sits and plays and "talks" back and forth with me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a mother. **Note to self. This picture is evidence that it is definitely time to purchase a darker colored base. This is a happy occasion, as it means you are tan.**

Can someone please tell Beckham to stop growing up?

Note the splattered guts. We hit a million bugs at once. Genocide?? Kamikaze flyers? Who is to blame?


I have stated time and time again that Beckham hates tummy time ...


We put him on his tummy and he "gives up". Then comes up for air. Then gives up again. Air. Gives up. Etc.


Papa & Son

Sorry- couldn't get this picture to flip the right way.

Snuggling with Dad and neither of them are snugglers. Go figure they would choose to snuggle with each other.

Time with the primos

We LOVE our neices and nephews ... here are some pictures from a visit to the Hallows cousins a little while ago.

Left to Right: King. Lucy. Sofie. Beckham.


While in Dallas a couple months ago we got to visit one of Brian's favorite converts from his mission, Jesus. Brian served in the Fort Worth, Texas Mission. It has been fun to live close and get to visit with people who meant a lot to Brian and have him point out some of his old stompin grounds.

Jesus is a stalwart member of the church. He has an amazing conversion story and I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to get to know him. If only I were as dedicated as this man is!

Oh and he LOVED Beckham!!!


Beckham loves the swings at the park!!

My mom & Dad swear that he is sitting in a dutch oven and not a swing ... he's so cute that I would eat him up!

Time out?

Beckham needed some outside time and I just had too much too do ... So we compromised.

He sat outside in his high chair and I sat just inside doing some work. I love his dangling tootsies.