Let me give you a run down of our life the last few months.... November 2011 found out we were moving at the end of December. Brian got a promotion.--- December 2011 Brian and I went on a cruise. Sooo much fun! Great snorkeling in Cozumel and days full of sunshine, eating, and relaxation!--- My parents watched Beckham while we went then offered to take him back to Utah with them for a week while we packed up our house to move. It was hard for me because Beckham preferred my Dad over me after being gone for 5 days on our cruise. BUT I knew it was what needed to happen.--- We flew out for Christmas.. Reunited with our baby boy and had a GREAT time with the Hallows, but missed Ari, Danny, and Tristan.--- Came home to Austin... Loaded a trailer the next day and moved to Dallas the next day.--- So sad to leave friends. So sad.--- Attended our new ward and loved it! Made great friends quickly and hang out with them pretty much daily. This is Beckham's bestie/frenemy Cody. We love their family!---
I got a job at Lifetime Fitness after lazily looking for two years... But it happened quick when we moved here. When it's right it's right. It was a tough transition working again... even if it was only 10 hours a week. I felt like my coworkers didn't like me and I got yelled at a lot. Things are better now.--- Beckham and I went to Austin for Girls' Night and to celebrate my 24th!--- Got put into Young Womens.. Second counselor. Brian was made Ward Mission Leader. .. Both excited!--- Went to a Mavs game with some new friends.--- Brian turned 27!!--- Went to Austin to babysit our friends' kids for the weekend. Love those boys!--- Brian got Lasik and had to wear some sweet glasses everywhere he went!!!---
Found out we were pregnant in January, but miscarried at 13 weeks in March. It was horrific and heart breaking. I had to spend a weekend in the hospital and just about lost my life... Grew and learned some hard lessons, but mostly came away stronger and grateful for our Heavenly Father's plan.--- Parents came to visit for their spring break and ended up caring for my family while I recovered. We had fun and I loved the time I got to spend with them. The Hallows rock.. They Rock I tell ya!---
Had a great Easter; ward Easter Egg Hunt, Lifetime Fitness Easter Egg Hunt, Dinner with friends on Easter Sunday.---
Started a coed softball team with a bunch of new ward friends... Best.Decision.Ever. Our first game is in a couple weeks, but we practice weekly and then grab dinner. SUCH a fun group!--- Beckham started swimming lessons.---
Started running a couple time a week with a friend... Lovin this!--- Went to the Dallas Children's museum and found out what we'd look like as midgets.---
Brian went to a Mavs playoff game... too bad we got swept!---
Went to Austin while Brian and his Austin buddies went deep sea fishing on the coast. Had such a fun weekend. Pictures to come...--- Beckham is hilarious and we love him! That boy talks like cuhrazy! I will do a post just about him next!