Preface to this post:
20 years ago, when Brian's parents built their current house, instead of putting in central air they installed a swamp cooler. It was made to last for 5 years, but has somehow survived 20. It does anything but cool. The last two weeks it has sounded like popcorn popping and then last night it just flat out wouldn't turn on ... Brian wanted to let the family know that the cooler died so he sent the following in an email.


On the 28th of July, the year of our Lord 2009, a dear member of our family returned peacefully through the veil. To some he was referred to as the “cooler”, but to most … he was anything but. For more than 20 years he was with us. Expectations were never high for this prehistoric “air conditioning” unit. For Britton, the yearly maintenance and loud roar during use was pleasure enough and “cooling” the house wasn’t important. The “cooler” is lived on by Lauren and Brian, who cared for him the best they could in his last days of life. They slept naked out of mere respect for their dear friend and family member. Most nights they did’t even sleep because the thought of his passing would not leave their minds. Just as with dumb pets, coolers come and go. Who could blame him! He was only supposed to live for 5 and we were lucky enough to have him for 20. I am sure that those who from this day forth have the opportunity to enter the Davis’ home, the loss of the “cooler” will definitely be felt. Maybe it will be the quiet silence… or the sweat from head to toe. I am sure that if the “cooler” could leave us with any final words, they would have read thus:

“You should have gone with central air.”

God, rest his soul…



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Weekend With R DOGG!

So my little brother Reed came to spend a few days with me & B. He came up Wednesday night all by himself on a shuttle from St. George. I think he is pretty BRAVE. We picked him up at a gas station on Center Street and just about died because he had been sitting there all alone for about 15 minutes in this creepy neighborhood (the shuttle arrived earlier then planned).

Weekend Schedule:

-Basketball with Brian and his friends.

-Cocoa Puffs for breakfast.
-Hike to the Hot Springs in Spanish Fork Canyon.
We loved the hike ...
Were grossed out by the moss in the Hot Springs...
Got FREAKED out by the GIANT snake skin...
RAN the entire hike home cuz we were so scared!
-Reed taught us how to make SLOPPY joes. Mmmm.
-Bowling at FAT Cats.

-More Cocoa Puffs.
-Roller blading in the morning... Only 1 picture because Reed
was too busy holding my hand to keep me from falling ..
-TANDEM Biking from BYU to Provo Canyon, where we met the
Staheli's for a bike ride to a park.
We stopped for some Koosh time at the park and a dip in
the stream.
-Reed taught us how to make porcupine balls (meatballs with rice).. SOO good!


-Another ride on our tandem...
A killer climb up the hill to our home behind the temple.
-Pancakes and bacon for breakfast.
-SEVEN PEAKS for the rest of the day with the Staheli Fam!
-1 Bee sting for Reed. 1 Wasp sting for Brian.

--Lot's of Call of
Duty for the boys during our chill time!

Thanks REED for a fABuLoUs weekend! Love you!