Brushing your teeth is so much fun, you never let the water run.

Remember that Barney song?? Brushing my teeth is so much fun, I never let the water run. No! I never let the water run. Anyways, here's little b brushing his teeth. (For the grandparents who want to see every detail of Beckham's life.)

Beckham ALMOST Walking

Beckham is trying so hard to walk! It's so fun to watch him learning this new skill. Ahhhh I love him!


Beckham' s Latest Tricks

So Beckham is a toddler now and pretty much on a daily basis, often more, Brian or I comment on how grown up b is and how he isn't a baby anymore. Boo Hoo! Here's the latest and greatest from Beckham.

.He says "No.no.no" when he is getting into something he knows he shouldn't (DVD cabinet, hair products, remotes..)
.Started snuggling every night before bed and it is THE GREATEST THING
."Cleans" when he finds a rag
.Does a phony balogna (when I read that word I say it buh-loge-nuh... Don't do what I do) laugh when others laugh
.Likes to stand and balance on his own
.When "cruising" along furniture he loves to jump from piece to piece
.Puts on his shoes .. Lifts one leg up with one hand and tries to put the shoe on with his other hand
.Dances when music comes on
.Gives high fives
.LOVES fruit smoothies and drinks them from a straw
.Holds my cell phone to his ear and says "eyoh?" or "erroh?"
.Points the remote at the TV and pushes buttons
.Says momma, daddy, hello, nonono (often while shaking his finger), no
.Says "Pssst" to get my attention because that's what Brian and I do to him
.Walks from me to Brian a few feet away ... Loves this game
."Combs" his "hair" with my pick
.Says "uh oh" when things fall or something happens
.I've had a cold and a leftover cough for a couple weeks .. He fake coughs and puts his fist in front of his mouth whenever I cough

Needless to say he is the cutest! He is naughty naughty and very whiny if he doesn't have my full attention, but man he is the best!!!


Other half of Utah

So I ALMOST forgot the other half of our Utah trip ... gah! Sorry Davis's!!! I don't have any pictures and so I spaced it.

We got to spend several days up in northern Utah with Brian's family. His sister and her family were sealed in the Provo temple. It was a great day and we were able to spend the rest of the afternoon with our extended family.

We saw Kung Fu Panda 2, played at a park, hung out with siblings, had good food, and enjoyed great laughs!

We also had amazing family photos taken that I LOVE!!!

Davis Family L to R: Me holding Beckham, Brian, Niece Taylor holding her sister Zoe (sorry Melissa, don't know how to do the umlauts), SIL Melissa, Niece Ashlyn, Nephew Christian, BIL Joel, MIL Christine, FIL Britton, SIL Carrie holding Parker, BIL Taft, SIL Jill holding Gretchen, BIL Devin. Seriously my in-laws are better than yours. Promise.

Christine's DREAM of having a grandkid shot could not have gone smoother! :)

All the ladies' shoes.

Birthday Crayons

Beckham still loves his bath time ... but it has been taken to the next level!

He got bath tub crayons and LOVES them and SO DO I!

I love drawing things while I am in the bath, leaving crude messages and seeing how long it takes til Brian comments on them hahahaha, keeping track of who has been voted off of TopShot by writing their names on the shower wall, drawing pictures to express my feelings or explain something to Brian, you know, typical stuff.

I will spare you the shots of ME coloring in the bath tub and put a MUCH cuter bum on here!

White bum.

He grabs hold of as many crayons as he can, but then realizes that there is ONE crayon just waiting to be grabbed .... so he attempts to grab it at the loss of all the other crayons. Greedy or Christlike? I mean you could compare this to him going after the lost sheep.

In the last few days he has realized that crawling is for looosers. He gets so mad when I put him down to crawl. He would rather hold my hand and walk... but he is still so wobbly. Cute boy doing cute things.

Beckham's 1st Birthday!

Beckham turned one on July 10th! I don't want to even talk about it... he literally went from baby to toddler overnight. My BIG boy had a dinosaur birthday party and all of his ... our ... friends came. We BBQ'd, ate cake and ice cream, visited, and swam. Success!! We love our Texas friends! Jarem and Camilla also drove down from Dallas just to spend the day and Beckham's party with us ... ummm so nice!

Here are the pictures to document this great day!

Beckham's smash cake.... it got REAL messy once the video turned off.

On his actual birthday we had his favorite meal ... pancakes! I added chocolate chips for the special day.

Gosh I love that little boy. Last night Brian and I snuck into his room for our nightly check up... he was so sweet there lying in bed. We were talking about how much we love him and how we could never explain it. I just feel a love for him that makes my heart ache deep, deep down. He just melts me. I absolutely adore him. Yes, yes, yes there are hard times, but he is my everything!

Catch up #6

Cute high chair pictures ...

Discovered his love for Nilla Wafers.

Sits cross-legged in his high chair. I should explain. He sits with his legs through the leg holes and then crosses his legs, tucking his feet into the hole of the opposite leg. Make sense? Probably not. But it is hilarious to me. I am one of those moms... obsessed with my baby.

He now climbs out of his high chair... umm freaking me out!

Catch up #5

So there is sooo much to catch up on with Beckham.

A few weeks ago he finally started to army crawl. Holy smokes it was the cutest, most exciting thing! Then he started taking his bum scoot to the next level ... he used that a lot more than his army crawl. Then he started trying to pull himself up on a few things around the house. He couldn't get from tummy to sitting or sitting back to tummy... but that slowly came about over the next week or so. Then over the following two weeks he just went crazy and started pulling up on any and everything and moved from an army crawl to the real deal. So I have all sorts of videos and pictures to show for it that date a couple months back...

It's crazy because he has picked so much up in the last few weeks that all of this stuff is WAY outdated already! I need to video the newest tricks ASAP!

First time I came in and found him SITTING in his crib.

Once he learned to sit he couldn't figure out how to get himself back on to his stomach. So I found him many times just slouched over.

Beckham has started making theee most awesome face. It is featured in this video and is usually accompanied by the noise in the video as well.

Several of his tricks are on this video.. army crawl, sitting himself up, the bum scoot, "dah", "ee-i-ee-i-o" (usually doesn't take that long to get him to say it) .... umm hello he is the cutest thing I have EVER seen.

Riding his Dino that Grandma gave him.


THIS post contains information and pictures that are TMI. I promise.

I have been training for a half marathon that is actually THIS Saturday. (Holyhell!)

So I have been running 4-5 days a week and I sweat bad. I sweat just bending over to pick something up, so add running, add the 100+ degree weather, and this is what you get....


What can ya do?

Catch up #4

Happy Birthday Dr. Pepper - June 2011

An important day of the year came on June 11th ... yes it was Dr. Pepper's birthday! Woot Woot! Dr. Pepper originated in a town called Dublin, Texas ... so what did I, my addicted brother and SIL do?? We drove 3 hours to Dublin to celebrate by drinking as much free DP as we could!

It was HOTHOTHOT that day! Props to the kiddos for hanging in there.. a bribe of face painting helped out. We had a fun day doing carnival activities, drinking DP, touring the original DP factory, eating DP cake, and enjoying live music.

Here's the pictures to prove we were there.

I'm gunna start fillin his bottles with this sweet nectar. Brian HATES this hat ... but that bald head of b's needs to be covered in the sun!

The DP factory ... love the old school crates and bottles!

King suckin back on gammy's cough medicine. Really, this is all Gammy drinks. She gets in trouble for not drinking enough water ... but hey, she prefers diet DP.

Ok.. super cool. The carbonation and the syrup are put in the bottle separately and remain separate until a machine gently picks up the bottle and rotates it up and over 3 times. Then it is mixed and will NEVER separate again.

Me and Sofie in front of a sand sculpture that was being done as we stood there.

Every year for the week of Dr. Pepper's birthday, the town's name is officially changed to Dr. Pepper, Texas.

Los primos surviving the heat.

Me, Beckham, and Lucy

Catch up #3

Dallyn Graduates - End of May 2011

So I was able to time my flights for our trip to Utah to get me in just before Dallyn's high school graduation. I am proud of Dallyn and the great things she has accomplished! This girl absolutely LOVED high school... because she made it fun! She was so involved -- being on the executive council, in multiple choirs, participating in talent shows and school activities, etc. She is on her way to BYU this fall and I couldn't be more proud! Way to go Hooch!

Catch up #2

Hallows Family Reunion - End of May 2011

The Hallows reunion consisted of food, swimming/playing at the rec center, food, jumping on the tramp, food, playing outside because it was GORGEOUS, a super cool/hands on zoo, FOOD, Minute-to-win-it game, and lots of fun!!

Hallows family L to R- Sister Ari holding Tristan, BIL Danny, SIL Camilla holding Lucy, Brother Jarem holding Sofie, Sister Dallyn, Gammy - the original Hallows, Mom, Dad holding Kingsley, Brother Reed, Brian - my hunkahunka burnin love, Me holding my boo.

THIS IS THE ONLY PICTURE I GOT OF THE ENTIRE TRIP!!! (Beside my paparazzi shots.) I am THEE worst! So I stole a few that Camilla had on her blog... Thanks sis!(This lasted point 5 seconds btw)

Minute to Win It:

Zoo time: