Last night we finally put our crib together! Holler!

We had to return the crib mattress we bought because it was too small .. When we took it to Target Brian told the lady

"Ya, we ordered this online and got it in the mail and we just don't think that we'll both be able to fit on it."

The lady was like "Oh, yeah. Sorry about that - we'll take care of that for you."

She didn't even flinch. Brian and I started busting up, but tried to keep control til we at least left customer service. The mattress is like 3 feet long by 2 feet wide.


Apple Fritters Attracting Little Critters

So the other day I needed to go to the grocery store ... but since it is SO hot here I try to go earlier in the morning to avoid the heat. This last Saturday was no different ... I went before Brian was awake. I decided that I'd surprise him with his favorite dough nut - an Apple Fritter. When he woke up I told him that I bought him an apple fritter and he was REALLY excited. A few hours later I noticed the apple fritter was still in the box! He must not like them as much as I thought. I tried to make some pitiful remark later on about how he doesn't like my surprises and how I just want to make him happy! (Pitiful, I know.)

--- He said NO! I love that you got me an apple fritter! That was the greatest surprise. Lauren, the apple fritter is just like the slim jim. If I hide it now, when I find it later it will be bliss. That's how much I love the apple fritter you got me.

I didn't know he had this habit ... I'm really scared to think about what I am gunna start finding around the house.


37 Weeks

Excuse my grodiness ... but this shows just how BIG my belly actually is!


Slim Jim

This post isn't about a skinny guy I know named Jim.

It's about something I found in between my couch cushions.

Yes that is a Slim Jim ... in my couch cushions ....

I asked Brian about this when he got home from work. He casually told me that yes, the Slim Jim was in the couch because of him, but it wasn't an accident. According to him, he put it between the cushions so that he could forget about it, then find it at a later time because, well, how GREAT would that be?!

You know, I really couldn't judge him because I've left money in various jean pockets before with the same intention.

36 Weeks.

This was from a few days ago. Just lovin my belly and the little guy inside it. I can't believe he is coming so soon. Contractions are getting stronger and stronger. I've had a few painful ones. Bring it on!

Plus I had to document the ONE day this week that I got ready.


35 Weeks


A Lady at the mall the other night said "Oh my gosh, You are SO pretty!"
I could have hugged her and never let go. What a nice, but not very honest person!!!

35 weeks BABY!


Baby B

When I first started feeling Baby B moving around it felt similar to how your stomach feels going down a BIG drop on a roller coaster.

Now it feels more like he is doing karate inside of me.

Just over five weeks to go. Wow.

Visits with the Hallows

Jarem and Camilla and their little ladies came from Dallas to help us move in. We spent the weekend swimming, hanging out, and not really unpacking. Then the next weekend we went up to Dallas to spend a few days with them ... We LOVE them!

Sofie wants my camera in this picture and Lucy is content .. as always.

Brian put his nacho libre mask on Sofie.

Camilla and I -- she is due with baby boy Hallows two weeks after me, but it's lookin like she is gunna beat me!

Sofie was making cookies with her dad. Note that she is wearing my flip flops .. she wore them the entire time we hung out.

Brian loves these little girls ... after we were with them for a few days he actually said "Maybe I wish we were having a girl." He used to say he wouldn't accept our baby if it wasn't a boy.