Temper Tantrums, Couture Baby Accessories

My best friend Kelsey just started a new
part time business... it's called

Temper Tantrums, Couture Baby Accessories!

She is making all sorts of cute litt
le baby accessories. So for all you little mommies out there in need of a quick on the go diaper bag that is fashion aware ... here is your solution! She also makes hair clips that are all attachable to the head bands she sells. Purchasing one head band and multiple hair clips is definitely the way to go.

Now, I am not a mom, but I've been purchasing them as
gifts for all of my friends and visiting teachees who are knocked up! They have LOVED them. H
ere are just a few of Kelsey's designs.... please check out her blog to find more pictures and information regarding pricing.


example numero uno

example numero dos

example numero tres

example numero quatro

example numero cinco

example numero seis



The other day Brian told me a hilarious story. It went like this... "I was in the bedroom drying off from my shower, naked. I had the window cracked and out of the corner of my eye I saw 3 bees fly in through the crack. I promise to death they were coming for me! So i ran into the closet and slammed the door behind me!
(Yes, my husband admits to being a
After about
5 minutes of hiding, I cracked the door of the closet to see what the
bees were doing. I saw all 3 fly out the window in
single file."

So Brian continued to tell me that these were NO ordinary bees ... he is convinced that they were a team of scout bees. They were after him. The above picture is basically what he described & so I thought he was losing his mind .... until today.

I pictured the bees looking like this picture above...

Today the team of scout bees sent the reinforcements. While i was at work Brian was at home fighting for his life against GIANT bumblebees. When I came home from work I felt as if I had walked onto the set of CSI Miami.

Brian had marked the dead bodies as if it were a crime scene...

After walking through the crime scene Brian and I were in our bedroom and he was explaining to me what had happened.... then we heard a buuuUUUzzzZZZZZ! We both freaked out and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind us. We were sure the bees had called for more backup, but when we opened the door it was actually a wasp. We closed the door again and Brian told me how he had killed the other 2. This was the plan: I would grab the hairspray to stun the wasp, while Brian got the giant cardboard box that he had used on the bees.

This was the wasp we trapped... you can't really see it, but he was a BIG sucker!

Apparently B wasn't crazy... those bees were scout bees!
Let's hope they
never come back.


Following graduation we had Lucy's baby blessing. I wasn't kidding about a busy weekend.
Here are some pictures from the day....

Me & B

Shout out to my
cool cousin Clog & his even cooler
wife Kristen. She's by far the best
hygienist I've ever known.

Some of our good friends:
Lyndsey & Cody Malone

BIG sister Sofie

Tio Reed with little Lulu

We were ready to go home at this point....

Some of the Hallows cousins


Graduation is a time for Celebration!

We had a full weekend of celebration!

Classes ended and
Jarem graduated. The whole family was up for this and we had a good time together celebrating!

Brian and I spent the day doing nothing school related then headed over to the Marriott Center to watch Jarem walk. It was a nice meeting, but a loooonnnngg one. Sofie kept us pretty entertained.

Brian and I got really excited thinking that this would be us in just one short year! We love school, but we can't wait to finish!


After all of the formalities the Hallows clan finished the night with breakfast for dinner at Cracker Barrel.

The next day we celebrated J's 24th Birthday.... Lot's of the cousins and friends came over for a little BBQ at Brian's parents' house by the Provo temple. We had a lot of fun visiting with everyone. I think Brian and I were a little caught off guard when this picture was taken.

Finishing Classes

WHOOOEY! Winter semester classes are OVER!

We are pleased to announce that we both passed with A's and A-'s! Brian was taking his finance core--- probably the hardest set of classes he will take here at
BYU, so I am especially proud of him. He had several HUGE projects and MANY late nights. I took a heavy load including an anatomy class, which was an INTENSE course, but really quite amazing. Working with cadavers was an event to be sure! It was a long and tiresome semester, but we both feel like we have learned so much and had some major growth.

We celebrated the end of the semester by..... buying him new...... glasses! Ha- exciting I know. He went
BOLD and picked out some D&G's. They look sooo good!



ESTABLISHED 04.20.1984

bret & lisa

My mom and dad just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. We are so blessed to have them as parents. Jarem, Ari, Dallyn, Reed, and I lOVE them so much and are so grateful for what they've done for us. Jarem worked hard to get in contact with a lot of our mom & dad's close friends from their childhood in Texas, early married life in 16th ward, and our old friends from the 5th ward. Each friend wrote a letter of memories for our parents and then I compiled a book, complete with pictures. A BIG thanks to Auntie Mignon for her HUGE submisison and all others who contributed. Jarem and I presented it to them after Lucy's blessing.... needless to say they cried tears of JOY.

Lessons I've learned from DAD:
  • How to mow a lawn with straight lines.
  • Listen to the Holy Ghost and then never doubt the promptings you received.
  • How to rake "poop" ... pellots left over from aerating lawns.
  • Never give less than your best.
  • Hard work.
  • Patience.
Lessons I've learned from MOM:
  • How to sew.
  • Integrity.
  • Service.
  • How to swear. Just kidding mom.
  • Forgiveness.
  • How to sing the alto line. Changed my life because i sure can't sing soprano.