Dallas, Texas

Little b and I took a trip up to Dallas while Big B was in Baltimore for business. Jarem was on business in Brazil so it was just Camilla and I.

We spent our time hanging out with his cousins, particularly his cousin King who we hadn't met yet! Kingsley was born four days after Beckham and we have been DYING to meet the little dude. We had lots of fun playin with him, Sofie, and Lucy. More than anything though, I enjoyed my time hanging out with Camilla!

Beckham & King

The only place b & King were safe from Sofie and Lucy was on top of the counter.

The little ladies

Sofie & I

I didn't realize how big Lucy has gotten or how small Beckham was until Lulu sat his carseat.

I took the girls to McDonalds to play one day.

Sofie holding Beckham .. I think he's almost outgrown his "newborn" clothing .. what do you think??


First Haircut

Beckham boy got his first haircut at 5 weeks. He was sportin the "old man ring" around his head and we decided that if he was going to pick up any ladies we should probably help him out with a cut...



My men ready for church!


photo shoot

These were taken by a friend of a friend LAST minute. Very grateful that he could do it!! Some were a little disappointing because of the things in the background :( but i think my little man looks stunning!


the little dude

one of my favorite times is when i wake little man up to feed him (we run a tight ship around here .. sometimes). he STRETCHES his arms and legs, while keeping his lips TIGHTLY PURSED, and his eyes stay closed, but SQUINTED. then he starts making clicking sounds with his tongue.

brian was a provo high bulldog and loves that beckham has a bulldog shirt in the same green color from high school.

we can't help but call him MERLIN when he wears his gowns to bed.


The Rest of Our San Antonio Visit

After the Davis's picked us up from the rodeo we headed to The Cove for some dinner. This little hot spot was featured on Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive Inns, and Dives. The big thing was the "Lamb Burger", which only Britton was brave enough to try. He was NOT amazed by what he had .. he raised lambs when he was a kid and then they ate them, so he preferred home cookin to this place.

Britton and Christine -- the ones that made all of this possible! THANKS!!!

Fun little outdoor setting that was surprisingly cool given that it was 100+ degrees outside.

We just had to . . .

Brian had to get his face in . . .


Later that night we walked along the River Walk and enjoyed the atmosphere a lot. We stopped for ice cream, which was my favorite part of the adventure.

The next morning we loaded this little man up in his jogger and we went to the Alamo and La Villita (some little shops that really weren't worth our walk). He was a trooper. We stopped often to go into a little shop just to cool off and make sure we kept Beckham nice & cozy.

Me and the little dude. Isn't he handsome???

Beckham and his grandpa. They had LOTS of fun together!

Me and my boys ... aren't they cuties???

Such a fun little get-away! One more time a HUGE THANKS to Grandma and Grandpa for taking us!! Love you!



So Black&Decker gave Brian and I VIP tickets to the PBR Rodeo in San Antonio. I didn't think I would get to go because I would need to be with Beckham, but THANKS to Brian's AWESOME parents babysitting the little dude I got to go on a sweeet date with my love! We had SO much fun!


When I said VIP I meant VIP. We were escorted down to the rodeo grounds (the court if it were a basketball game) where we watched the preshow fireworks and what not.

B during the preshow.

Preshow glitz.

We were escorted from the rodeo grounds, through the underground tunnels, then up to our seats after when the rodeo began. I felt like a legit VIP. (can you tell I've never been backstage for anything special -- I felt cool)

Our seats were directly above the chutes where the cowboys get on the bulls and then the gate gets pulled and the bull starts bucking. SO COOL!

Directly behind our seats were the pins where all of the bulls were kept ... our seats would shake when the bulls got rowdy. We loved it!


A bull rider getting thrown by the bull ... YIKES!

He walked it off ... no big deal.

The bull rider sponsored by Stanley Black&Decker ... he was kind of a hottie. I told B I had a crush on a cowboy. He's on the bull in the shoot.

Our sponsored rider ridin the bull.

He got launched off the bull and stepped on ... but again, just walked it off.

The bull riders would walk right past us after they rode ... I don't know anything about them, but I get the feeling they are somewhat of a celebrity, at least with the country folk. SO I felt cool when they walked right next to me and even brushed my legs with their chaps. :)

The winner of the rodeo!

End of the rodeo ... We had SO much fun! Such a different date from the typical dinner and a redbox movie. Thanks Black&Decker for sending us!! Oh and I almost forgot to mention ... our nieces watched the rodeo on tv and said they saw Brian and I for a second!! Holler!

(More pics of our San Antonio trip in a later post)