we are having a BABY!!!

we are 12 weeks pregnant and the baby is due
JULY 13th!!

we couldn't be more EXCITED!!



We have lot's of friends & family that follow our blog & read about our lives... but 1 of my favorite followers is my dad. I just wanted to post a shout out to him.

My dad is an incredible man! He is one of the hardest working people I have ever known. He is also one of the most intelligent people I know. He can figure out how to make or build or wire anything if you give him a few minutes. He is very creative and loves to design things like landscapes and BBQ islands and tile works (like his amazing shower). He is an excellent cook and enjoys concocting new recipes .. some of my favorites are squasage (a corn, squash, and sausage mixture) and various marinades for steak and chicken. My dad is also very entertaining .. he is a really great storyteller. For as long as I can remember I've seen my dad reading his scriptures in the morning everyday. He loves the Gospel and never hesitates to let you know that. When us kids were little we would "frazzle" with my dad, basically a tag-team family wrestling match. He may be 48, but he still gets down and frazzles with Reedo.

Dad I love you and can't wait to see you for Christmas!


All in ONE update

1st up: Brian has an offer.

After weeks of interviewing, Brian charming the company with his wit, a fly back to Baltimore, and a lot of prayers, Brian was offered his first job by Black & Decker.

The Job: Leadership Development Program where Brian advances through 4 different jobs learning various skills. In a few years we hope for a corporate position.

The Benefits: A decent salary, dental/vision/medical/life insurance, a FAT '09 Chevy silverado, free gas card, free insurance and maintenance. This will be nice because the truck is for company and personal use SO we can use it for anything - even a cross country vacation!

2nd: Thanksgiving
with the Hallows clan.

Unfortunately I was the worst at taking pictures and came home w
ith only 2 that Dallyn took.
Brian and I brought down birthday presents for Dallyn and Reed from the older siblings. Danny and Ari gave Reed this wicked awesome gun set that shoots felt balls.

Brian and Reed kept each other occupied ...

Dallyn and I spent Thursday night in Walmart. It was a career first Black Friday for both of us. This is us at probably 3AM camping out. We scored some good deals ... can't list them though til Christmas!

Thanksgiving Menu:
Brett's Tri-tip on the Green Egg
Smoked turkey
Mama's secret recipe s
Creamy mashed potatoes made with cond
ensed milk
Corn with mo' butta

Green beans with even
mo' butta
Butt crack dinner roll
Brian's cranberry sauce

I scream you scream we all scream for
ice cream PIE

Lisa's apple pie

3rd: Ward Christmas Party

We had lot's of fun at our Ward Christmas Party. B & I were asked to sing with his parents at the party. We enjoyed good food, good friends, and good music. I was in charge of cupcakes. My target: the kids. I made a Christmas tree out of cupcakes. (At one point there was more candy underneath to look like presents.)

4th: The Santa Run

About a month ago Ari and I decided to do the 5k Santa run. We had a training plan - it failed miserably. I do not do well running - Ari does. We had lot's of fun though! I LOVED running it with A

We started the run Jolly & Merry.

The Grinch made an appearance.

There were lot's of running Santas

This is how we ended the race!

5th: History of Creativity Project

I built a "gingerbread castle" using the architecture of the gothic cathedrals. The project started fun but ended in tears. I beg
an the actual construction on Tuesday of last week with the goal of finishing Friday night. I ran into some serious setbacks: icing didn't work, icing that DID work ran out way too quickly, things took TOO long, etc.

By Sunday night I was sobbing while I glued on gum drops and candy canes. I didn't realize how loud I was crying .. pretty soon Brian and Britton came down stairs and helped me finish. I was SO grateful. I turned in the damn thing this morning and happily threw it in the garbage after my teacher had graded it.

I could continue updating all day long... but for now I need to finish the semester. 3 more days of classes, 1 week of finals. Then NO more classes as an undergrad. Just an internship, then a diploma, then hopefully lot's of $$$.



Hey ... I found this cute jewelry site off of my friend Brittany's blog.

Go check it out ... there is a big jewelry give away this week! Super CUTE stuff!!