Belly Shots

It's not easy to take a full body picture of yourself ... this was my best attempt. I tried a million times and ended up laughing my head at how pathetic it really was.

I feel like this picture doesn't do it justice though ... I think my belly is huge! I LOVE IT! My sister in law just posted some belly shots and said something like "I am so in love with my baby bump" -- I couldn't agree more.

Baby B kicks like crazy now. When I can't sleep at night because I'm up going to the bathroom for the 8th time I just talk to him cuz he's usually awake and kickin away.

This is 23 weeks 5 days ... I'm now 24 weeks 5days.

St. Patty's Day

I went all out for St. Patty's Day this year ....

I debated whether or not to post this picture because
it looks so disgusting. These are

German/Swedish/Pop-Eye/Whatever-you-call-them-in-your-house Pancakes. We LOVE them.

They puff up in the oven when they bake. I like to sprinkle cinnamon on mine ... thus the brown stuff all over the pancakes that makes it look so gross. I colored the milk green too. Brian couldn't finish his breakfast ... I think he was grossed out.


Going through pictures

Here are pictures of some of the fun adventures I've been on since I joined the Davis family. We love doing stuff as a family!

Enchanted Night --- March 2008
Carrie & I were invited to the prem
ier of Enchanted. We wore our princess gowns and convinced our nieces that we arrived in a horse drawn carriage.

The Sweet Retreat --- Summer 2009
The Davis girls (minus Carrie) and the Mecham sistas spent a fabulous day
and night shopping, laughing, painting nails, and jumping on beds in Park City.

New Years Eve --- December 2009
Tradition: Chinese food at lun
Later that night we partied
at Melissa and Joels!

Birthday Parties

We ALWAYS get together for birthdays.
Picture: Some of the fam at my 22nd this year.

Christine's concerts
We usually go to dinner or dessert after.

Second official Davis Family Reunion ---
Summer 2009

We all traveled to Logan to stay at Devin and Jill's house. We saw Annie Oakley - the most amazing play, NOT! Went jet skiing, tubing, sunbathing. Played Mario Kart on the Wii. Ate lots of fruit.
Pushed the green
box out of the sand. Laughed a lot.
Devin never ceases to amaze me.

Halloween --- October 31st Every Year

The Staheli's always come to visit and trick-or-treat at our house. We love to see their costumes.

Carrie & Taft's Wedding --- July 2008
I met Taft this day. He's a pretty solid guy from what I know. He makes Carrie very happy and I am still getting to know more good things about him all the time. They moved to Germany just a couple weeks after they got married .. so we haven't spent much time yet with him.

I love our pictures from the wedding. I just LOVE the one of me and Christian (our nephew. I also love our family picture because it has EVERYONE in it!

1st Annual Davis Reunion ... Seven Peaks --- Summer 2008
Christine went down the freefall. We drank lots of Snapples - thanks Britt. Some of us got sunburned. We soaked up the sun and enjoyed being with each other.

The End


Thursday, Friday and Saturday I went on a snowmobiling trip with the treatment center I am interning at. We had a really great time and had some awesome experiences. I went snowmobiling very little and took it easy when I did go, but I still enjoyed playing in the snow and playing games with the girls and staff. Our chef from the school came up with us too -- so we had great food all weekend.

I was sad to miss Brian's birthday on Thursday. I got up extra early before leaving for my trip and made him Fried French Toast. It's REALLY healthy and exactly what I should be eating while I'm trying to watch my fat intake. Then Saturday night we went to Red Lobster to really celebrate. He wanted a shrimp platter for his birthday ... so that's what he got. I opted for a non sea swimming dinner. It was a fun night!


Birthday Boy!

My man is 25 tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Brian!!

I love him SO much and am SO lucky to have him!