Rock Climbers

I bought a Groupon for a rock climbing gym months ago. Last week realized it was like two days from expiring so Brian, Beckham, and I headed out to climb some rocks.

We had a blast! Two things threatened our fun, but we persisted and had a GREAT time.

First- we got to the gym and realized this was a "bouldering gym". What the heck is that? Oh, you don't strap us in? You just let us plummet to our death if we fall? Awesome.

Second- we had no idea that you need a vast amount of upper body strength to rock climb. Despite popular belief, Brian and I do not have a vast amount of upper strength. It was hard!

Anyways we climbed about 6 feet up, freaked out/got too tired, climbed back down, rested for 10 minutes, climbed again, repeated the process, climbed THREE time. Bahahahaha! I know my sarcasm is probably misleading, but we really did have A LOT of fun!