Flip Flops

LOVE Beckham's new flip flops.


November - Utah Jazz doing great!
Beginning of December - Brian wins a contest @ work, chooses tickets to the Jazz vs Mavericks game in late Feb!
Dec 25th - Brian gets a Deron Williams jersey for Christmas that was difficult to get!
Beginning of Feb - The beloved coach of the Utah Jazz resigns. Brian is sad that he won't be at the Jazz game.

FEBRUARY 23rd {morning} - We get ready to leave for Dallas. Brian puts on his DWill jersey and goes to watch ESPN while I finish getting ready. Brian screams! I run in and he tells me DWill had been traded.

FEBRUARY 23rd {afternoon} - We contemplate selling our tickets. Decide to go.

{evening} - Have lots of fun despite the chain of events leading up to the game!


Post Overload

K I just posted like a million times .... so scroll on down for more fun!

I am in love!

I am in love with this little guy .....

.He now has enough hair to get bed head
(I know, I know no one can see it, but me -- I swear he has some fuzz!)
.Talks all day long
.Growls at people (My current favorite trick)
.Rolls both ways, but usually only to get off of his stomach
.Sits by himself
.Loves playing with toys
.Eats veggies
.USED to do great sleeping through the night
.NO teeth
.Has bluer and bluer eyes each day
.Sticks his tongue out then closes his lips so just the little tip is poking out
.Blows raspberries
.Screams (like high pitched girl scream) when he is happy or excited or for no reason at all
.Gets excited when he looks at our family picture
.LOVES reading books
.Finally stopped wanting to be swaddled
.Flirts with ladies old and young and has pretty much won their love
.Stops fussing immediately if you take him outside
.Is small for his age (20th percentile for most things)
.Starting to prefer me over anyone else
.LOVES to be around other kids - gets so excited, smiles, growls at them, laughs
.Refuses to sit on my lap, only stand
.Still loves bath time
.Fake coughs (it is AWESOME!)


Beckham & his favorite toy.


Where did Beckham go???

THERE he is!!!!!


Beckham is too puffy to fit in his carseat when he has his jacket on ... he gets so mad!!

Big Boy

This big boy has started eating solids and it is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

The first few nights I would describe as "force feeding", but then all of a sudden he started opening his mouth as the spoon approached, then swallowed like he knew what to do all along!

I totally teared up and was a little embarrassed and didn't want Brian to see me ... but I looked over and Brian was crying too! Ha ... our baby is just growing up too fast!

Cold cold cold in Texas

It got cold in Texas. Like cold I've never felt before. It was bone-chilling.

So ... I had to keep Beckham warm at night ... we had to improvise and turn his leg warmers into arm warmers. And yes he slept with mittens. It was THAT cold.

My Birthday

@ Dinner with my friends for my birthday! So fun!

Tristan McGuire Bond

We have a new baby in our family! He was born January 15, 2011 and is a sweet heart!

I haven't gotten to meet him yet ... but I get to soon! \

Here are some pictures of my little {hairy} nephew.

Uncle Lane

On January 5th my uncle passed away. He was an incredible man. He lived such a humble life and was loved by everyone. I was really troubled by his death because of the way he died, it is the first time I've lost someone so close to me, the thought of his family without him ... but all in all I've definitely relied on my testimony of the Plan of Salvation and felt great comfort in that.

(I cannot create a link .. so you can view the news articcle my copy/pasting this address - http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/region_southeast_valley/mesa/mesa-man-dies-in-freak-accident)

He turns 62 tomorrow. Lane was so full of life. He was hilarious and always made the goofiest faces, cracked the silliest jokes, teased me ... was a ton of fun! He made an effort to come visit my family at least once a week all growing up. We loved Lane and were extremely close to him. My cousins are more like brothers and sisters to me! We have the best relationship.

I had the opportunity to go "home home" (Arizona) for his funeral. You know what is great about the Gospel? The fact that we know we are going to be with Lane again and that he is SO happy where he is at now. Knowing this made the weekend more of a celebration than a sad occasion. We celebrated his life. Ate at his favorite restaurant. Did a temple session in his honor. Laughed and told fun stories. Had family meals like old times. It was great! His funeral is beautiful. The stories shared were so fun. The spirit was so strong.

I have missed my cousins so much and it was SO fun to see them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Hallows cousins!

(Allison I stole your collage!)


Christmas ...... in February??

This post literally took like 10 hours because my blogger is doing some crazy things! So all the pictures are out of order and I did not care to spend anymore time to organize them. Oh well!

We had an awesome time in Utah for Christmas. This year we spent it with Brian's family. We did so much fun stuff and enjoyed being around all of our family soo much! We also got to see my family shortly ... loved that!

Erika & B

I realized I have like ZERO pictures with my boy

Grandma Great with Beckham - she is adorable with him!

Wrapping paper was a hit with b!

A "secret Santa" provided provocative panties for all the ladies. Never a dull moment with my BIL Devin around.

The cousins (minus Parker) in their Christmas jams.

Brian received the "First Gift of Christmas" - happens each year. It was a "Pimp Goblet" that is currently being displayed on our end table. Last month my visiting teacher was clearly embarrassed to see it.

Santa was WAY WAY too good to us this year.

Skyping with Carrie, Taft, and Parker in Germany on Christmas morning.

Ashlyn was Mary in Grandma Great's nativity on Christmas Eve. This was my first year going to this with Brian's family and I LOVED it. Really. A great reminder of why we celebrate Christmas.

Ashlyn riding in on the donkey (she chose her dad to be the donkey).

Me.Sister Ari.BIL Danny.

Mimi & Beckham

Gammy.Sister Ari.Baby Tristan.BIL Danny

Me.Beckham.Tio Reed.Goppy

Grandpa & b

Brian & I got a date night to watch my third boyfriend Jimmer (after Brian and then Beckham) play some basketball.

Cousin Taylor & Beckham ... I love Taylor's rosy cheeks after playing in the snow! I think she looks sooo cute right here!

Cousins Tay & Ash playing in the snow.

On our way to UTAH for Christmas!!!

New Employee

Brian wants to hire Beckham as his new DeWALT representative ... I think they'd make some good money!



Where have I been you ask??

.Utah for Christmas. {Pictures later}
.Back home to Austin for a low key New Years Eve.
.Arizona for my sweet Uncle Lane's funeral. {Pictures later}
.A nephew was born... Tristan McGuire Bond!! {Pictures later}
.Battling RSV and Bronchiolitis with Beckham. Battle OVER.
.Taking care of Brian who keeps getting the flu/bad cold.
.Celebrated my BIRTHDAY!
.Lots of Young Women activities and Personal Progress.
.Watching my baby boy grow up WAY TOO FAST! {Pictures later}
.Job searching like cRAzY!
.Tanning .. because that's what B got me for my birthday .. FABULOUS gift.

Here's a picture to hold you off a little longer ...