Apple Fritters Attracting Little Critters

So the other day I needed to go to the grocery store ... but since it is SO hot here I try to go earlier in the morning to avoid the heat. This last Saturday was no different ... I went before Brian was awake. I decided that I'd surprise him with his favorite dough nut - an Apple Fritter. When he woke up I told him that I bought him an apple fritter and he was REALLY excited. A few hours later I noticed the apple fritter was still in the box! He must not like them as much as I thought. I tried to make some pitiful remark later on about how he doesn't like my surprises and how I just want to make him happy! (Pitiful, I know.)

--- He said NO! I love that you got me an apple fritter! That was the greatest surprise. Lauren, the apple fritter is just like the slim jim. If I hide it now, when I find it later it will be bliss. That's how much I love the apple fritter you got me.

I didn't know he had this habit ... I'm really scared to think about what I am gunna start finding around the house.


  1. Lauren! First of all, you make a BEAUTIFUL preggy future mommmy!!! I love all the picture updates you post. Side note: you look so skinny! how do you manage the cravings yet remain fit? tell me how in a few years :) Second, seriously was cracking up to your slim jim post, and now this one??? haha even better! i even read it out loud to my husband. Anways, just wanted to stop by and say hey!!!! so excited for you and your future little family!!!!!

  2. What a weirdo! Hopefully he doesn't start hiding poo-filled diapers and burp cloths everywhere or something.

  3. hahaha! thats so funny..... cant wait to see what you find next.... cause now its not only a suprise for him but you as well!