All Things Beckham- 18 months

This boy cracks me up! Here is what he is doing now... some things he has been doing for a long time, but since I haven't posted in a long time you would never know!

-Points to pictures of animals and says what sound they make. Cow, horsie, doggie, kitty, zebra (no noise), duck, birdie, fish (no sound)..
-Loves to read. We read books all day long. Sometimes I find him sitting on the floor or at the kitchen table with one cracked open.
-So full of personality.
-Talks about his Mimi & GopGop all day long. (They recently babysat for two weeks and then we spent a third week there for Christmas!)
-Shoots basketballs in his new hoop-- fell in love after King got one for Christmas.
-Says a bazillion words and copies everything we say.
-Says "buuuug!" when Brian is annoying him. So proud for teaching him this!
-Throws tantrums over the carseat, booster for meals, stroller... bottom line: "don't strap me down!"
-Eats like a bird one day and then a cow the next.
-Strawberries are number 1 in his life right now.
-Carries around a stuffed monkey that my Grandparents gave him-- calls him "Baby". Baby goes EVERYWHERE Beckham goes.
-Is attached to a blanket, but it doesn't have to travel with us.
-Loves pushing various carts/wagons around and filling it with stuff he finds.
-Keys! Obsessed! I've got to go make him a set before he misplaces mine.
-Knows all of his body parts verbally and points.
-Dreams of being outside all day, everyday.
-Loves bikes. Haven't been able to find one he can actually ride yet.
-Loves babies.
-Is naughty!
-Climbs... loves when he can get the kitchen chair from under the table so he can climb up on the table.
-Watches some cartoons a little more.
-Loves laying on the ground, rolling around.
-Is very silly and does a silly laugh when he is entertaining us.
-Yells, "Dahhhhh!!!!!!!!" every once in a while to find out where Brian is. I LOVE this.
-Repeats a word over and over and over and over until I say the word and let him know I understand.
-Loves animals, especially when we see birds outside.
-Started nursery a couple weeks ago and is in Heaven and so am I.
-Doesn't walk... HE RUNS everywhere he goes.
-Also obsessed with airplanes.
-Gives the cutest kisses with the best puckered up lips.
-Grunts and runs full speed into us, then raps his arms around us for hugs. Love!
-Loves to wrestle and he's good at it.
-Working on learning his cousins names via a picture book we got for Christmas.
-Understands my directions very well.. doesn't always follow though.
-Has a mouthful of teeth.
-Loves butt paste and asks for it every time he gets a diaper change.
-Starting to put multiple words together.
-Gasps and says "Ohhhh!" when he hears something like an airplane or gets excited.
-Insists on wearing some kind of hat everywhere we go.
-Got a rolling backpack that is his favorite! It's another thing that goes everywhere with him!

He is quite a character and keeps us entertained! Love that little boy!


  1. Yay! So glad to see you back in the blogging world :) I wish we could have see you and Brian over Christmas break, but it was so fun to see your baby boy!

  2. I love that shot of his buns hanging out!!! those are my fave!

    You are a beautiful mommy! And those boys of yours aren't bad either.

    Hope youre well! Love ya!