Let me give you a run down of our life the last few months.... November 2011 found out we were moving at the end of December. Brian got a promotion.--- December 2011 Brian and I went on a cruise. Sooo much fun! Great snorkeling in Cozumel and days full of sunshine, eating, and relaxation!--- My parents watched Beckham while we went then offered to take him back to Utah with them for a week while we packed up our house to move. It was hard for me because Beckham preferred my Dad over me after being gone for 5 days on our cruise. BUT I knew it was what needed to happen.--- We flew out for Christmas.. Reunited with our baby boy and had a GREAT time with the Hallows, but missed Ari, Danny, and Tristan.--- Came home to Austin... Loaded a trailer the next day and moved to Dallas the next day.--- So sad to leave friends. So sad.--- Attended our new ward and loved it! Made great friends quickly and hang out with them pretty much daily. This is Beckham's bestie/frenemy Cody. We love their family!---
I got a job at Lifetime Fitness after lazily looking for two years... But it happened quick when we moved here. When it's right it's right. It was a tough transition working again... even if it was only 10 hours a week. I felt like my coworkers didn't like me and I got yelled at a lot. Things are better now.--- Beckham and I went to Austin for Girls' Night and to celebrate my 24th!--- Got put into Young Womens.. Second counselor. Brian was made Ward Mission Leader. .. Both excited!--- Went to a Mavs game with some new friends.--- Brian turned 27!!--- Went to Austin to babysit our friends' kids for the weekend. Love those boys!--- Brian got Lasik and had to wear some sweet glasses everywhere he went!!!---
Found out we were pregnant in January, but miscarried at 13 weeks in March. It was horrific and heart breaking. I had to spend a weekend in the hospital and just about lost my life... Grew and learned some hard lessons, but mostly came away stronger and grateful for our Heavenly Father's plan.--- Parents came to visit for their spring break and ended up caring for my family while I recovered. We had fun and I loved the time I got to spend with them. The Hallows rock.. They Rock I tell ya!---
Had a great Easter; ward Easter Egg Hunt, Lifetime Fitness Easter Egg Hunt, Dinner with friends on Easter Sunday.---
Started a coed softball team with a bunch of new ward friends... Best.Decision.Ever. Our first game is in a couple weeks, but we practice weekly and then grab dinner. SUCH a fun group!--- Beckham started swimming lessons.---
Started running a couple time a week with a friend... Lovin this!--- Went to the Dallas Children's museum and found out what we'd look like as midgets.---
Brian went to a Mavs playoff game... too bad we got swept!---
Went to Austin while Brian and his Austin buddies went deep sea fishing on the coast. Had such a fun weekend. Pictures to come...--- Beckham is hilarious and we love him! That boy talks like cuhrazy! I will do a post just about him next!


  1. Stop it. Where is my baby B and who is this big boy?! He is seriously such a stud. I have about 5 cute little nieces who are younger than him that I think we need to have an arranged marriage with. Maybe this is how we can finally be truly family!!

  2. Love this! So fun to see all that you guys have been up to and I have to admit I'm kinda jealous. You guys have a ton of fun! Glad to know your family is doing so well.

  3. Omg I LOVE this i miss u like crazy glad all is well

  4. Lauren, sorry to hear about your miscarriage and your hospital stay. I never knew! I hope all is well.
    You have had a crazy few months. Man, it's starting to sound like us!
    Keep updating this blog.
    By the way..you are so beautiful. man, that husband of yours must feel so lucky! And that baby ....so gorgeous.

  5. You look as beautiful as ever. I think about you all the time. I'm sorry I am so lame. Love you Laur!

  6. I'm so sorry about the miscarriage! :( It looks like everything else is going great. Beckham is such a doll!

  7. Yay! I love that you updated your blog, keep doing it :) so sorry to hear about your miscarriage

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  10. sweet lauren, i'm so so sorry for your loss. you have such faith, it's so inspiring. you are a pillar of strength.
    good to catch up with your busy life. we love you guys! xoxo

  11. So sorry to hear about your preganancy! I had no idea, but I am so glad you are ok. Your family is so cute and I am glad to see you are all doing well.