I {heart} Jimmer.

We went to the BYU vs. TCU basketball game a couple weeks ago up in Fort Worth. We stayed the night before with Jarem, Camilla and their family. Like a fool I forgot to take pictures with them.

The next day we met a bunch of friends from Austin for lunch before we all headed to the game.

Beckham loved the game and was so happy in the bjorn we borrowed from my brother.

My brother Jarem & I.

And yes, I {heart} Jimmer.


  1. K thats so funny what you said about me crying, because when I wrote that I was TOTALLY thinking about me & you and was just laughing about our good ol days and our talks!! I miss you toooo!! K Beckham is the cutest thing in the picture with his arms up! Gosh your little fam is so cute!!

  2. I really like your makeup in all these photos!!! what did you do different?
    your so cute!