Been makin some pies lately ... here are some pictures of the lovelies.
They may not look beautiful ... but they tasted beautiful.

Caramel Apple Pie

Classic Pecan Pie

Pink Lemonade Pie


Beckham plays in his crib for like 20 minutes before he naps .. then he crashes!

This kid is so dang happy!


NEW E*TRADE Baby -- Time Out

I laugh out loud every time I see these commercials.
This one, "Time out", might be the best one.
There are two version and both are hilarious!


4 Months!

This little guy is 4 months today!!

He weighs 14 pounds (50th percentile)
Is 26 inches long (40th percentile)
Smiles & Squeals like it is nobody's business
Quit sleeping through the night :(
Flirts with all the ladies old & young at church
Eats/Sucks on everything he can get in his mouth

Love him!!


Bumbo & Rice Cereal

Today was a big day for Beckham.

He got a new chair .. more like a throne. I've been begging Brian to let me get him a Bumbo (off of craigslist for $15!!!) & finally convinced him that:
a. $15 is not that much money
b. $15 is especially not that much money if the item retails for $50
c. it could easily be stored out of site and thus out of mind

Beckham also ate rice cereal for the first time today! We were excited about this and so we taped it. I have a bajillion videos we've taken of him and I want to post them on here for the Grandparents sake because I can't figure out how to email them (I've tried zipping them)... but I refrain because I don't want to be a psycho-obsessive mother. So occasionally there will be a video of my boy and you will just have to suck it up.

Bumbo = success
Rice Cereal = well see the video below. Oh & please don't judge me by my nastiness ... Brian has the flu and so I took that as an excuse to not get ready.