Cuts For A Cause

Everyone CLICK on the flyer to blow it up bigger. READ the flyer. Then ATTEND the event!!!!


Bath Time

This Little Mister LOVES his bath time. He was screaming for two hours, we put him in the bath, and !BAM! happy baby!!

Daddy is insistent we be modest and protect Beckham's manhood!

So content after a warm bath.


Mimi's Visit

My mom has been here for the last week and half and I HAVE LOVED HAVING HER HERE!! That woman worked non stop to take care of my little family. She cooked, cleaned, grocery shopped, babysat, bathed Beckham, taught me about my new little peanut, rubbed my back, gave me a pedicure, ran my errands, listened to me cry, sewed Beckham's crib bedding, and much, much more.

My mom worked all week fixing my mess of a bumper and making the bedskirt fit the bizarre crib bottom. It turned out wonderfully!! We are going to add something to the ribbon that attaches the bumper to the crib, but not sure what yet..

Me & Beckham relaxing while Mimi scrubbed my calloused feet! Gooooo! Thanks mom!

My not Vietnamese nail tech.

We were hunting for a BBQ store she found online and were terrified for our lives because of the roads mapquest told us to take...

Mom helped us master the art of getting Beckham to sleep in his crib. He refuses to sleep flat on his back ... so mimi had the brilliant idea to wedge dish towels behind his back and stomach to keep him on his side. He is a happy camper now!

Mimi bought Beckham some new things! This new little rocker/seat is perfect for putting him in and moving him from room to room with me. She bought me the "Brest Friend" -- cheesy name, i know, but the bomb nursing aid. For all you "Boppy" users - the Brest Friend will change your life...and your back pain!

Mimi and lil b -- doesn't he look handsome! Not sure if it is the stripes or the blue that I love on him so much. But DANG he looks good!

Mom was here over her birthday ... I know ... we had here working so hard on her special day! We took her to Red Lobster for lunch. MMM.

Beckham had his first bath ... mom taught us how to maneuver with a slippery little body.

Snugglin with his Mimi

We took her to the airport this morning and I cried as soon as we got there and the whole ride home. Mom- thanks for your help, thanks for the lessons learned, but most of all thanks for the time we got to spend together. I LOVE YOU!



Beckham found his hands the day we got home from the hospital.

Brian mastered the swaddle, but Houdini manages to get his hands free every time!

He loves to suck on his fingers. He sleeps like me - with his hands stretched above his head. He found that sucking his thumb comforts him. He flails his hands around with no control when he's upset. --- He LOVES his hands!


The King

On July 14th we welcomed KINGSLEY MARK HALLOWS to the family. He arrived 2 and half weeks early, but weighed in at a whopping 8lbs 4 oz. He is a gorgeous little guy who we can't wait to meet!


The Story

This is how it all went down.

I had a doctor’s appointment where I was told I had effaced 80%, but STILL had not dilated, the baby was pretty high up, AND "if the doctor had to pr
edict..." (because I forced him to make a prediction) "he'd say that the baby was going to be in there well into next week at least." DANG. I just wanted my baby to come. I was so ancy to meet him.

Thursday night Brian left for Dallas because he was working at a Black & Decker event all day Friday. That ni
ght I went to bed around 11pm and couldn't sleep so I got up and cleaned my bathroom. After that I fell asleep fairly quickly, but I had contractions throughout the night. They were very different from the braxton hicks I had been feeling for weeks. These contractions were more painful, period like cramping. Different, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

I woke
up and went about my day as I had planned - finished cleaning my bathroom, walked 3 miles on the treadmill, painted my toenails, went to target to make a return and some purchases. I had the contractions all day long and knew they were different, but still didn't think they were "labor contractions". But they were getting worse.

Around 2pm I decided to call Brian (remember he is in Dallas) because I was just a little concerned with the contractions possibly leading to
labor. His event should have been over around then and I just wanted to make sure he came straight home. I told him I didn't think it was labor, but just in case, he better not do anything to slow his drive home. Dallas is right around three hours away ... but he was in bumper to bumper traffic that made the drive take an extra 45 minutes. The contractions were painful- that's for sure- but I still wasn't sure that they were the contractions that cause people to say "oh, you'll know when you are in labor."

So after I called him I
went to Target to walk around to keep the contractions going and get my shopping done. Again, contractions were painful, stopped me in my steps, made me breath, but I still didn't think it was labor. I got home from the store and decided to call my doctor because it was a Friday and I was nervous about going into the weekend unsure of my situation. They said to just continue timing and if they seemed to get more regular and five minutes apart OR if I saw bleeding OR if my water broke (obviously) then I needed to go to the hospital.

B got home about 6:30pm. I was laying down on the couch, breathing through contractions that were coming 6 and 10 minutes apart. About 20 minutes after B came home I went to use the bathroom and saw blood (sorry TMI!). I yelled out to Brian - "AHHH! We're going to the hospital!" Brian jumped 5 feet out of his chair and just started FRANTICALLY packing clothes, toiletries, etc. I just kept laughing at him - I was surprisingly calm.

We arrived at the hospital around 7:30pm, checked in (nurses predicted I’d be told to come back because I wasn’t ready yet), and they examined me. I had dilated to a 2 so they said they would watch me for the next couple hours and if I progressed at all they would keep me. They were still thinking I'd probably have to leave and let my body continue to progress at home.

Contractions were painful, I was miserable, but still didn't feel like screaming or yelling through them. However, I did text my mom and say "I can't do this. I can't do this." So in the moment I guess they were pretty horrible. Well at 10:30pm the nurse checked again and said I had dilated to a 3 ... THEY WOULD KEEP ME and I'd have
the baby sometime the next day. B and I were SO excited and really shocked. I asked if I could shower ... I desperately felt like washing my make up off and relaxing my body. So I showered and then they got me all connected to the IV and monitors.


Around midnight the anesthesiologist came in and was about to shoot me up, but got a call that a baby was in distress ... he didn’t come back for over an hour. It was a PAINFUL hour, but the epidural came around 1am and I lost feeling COMPLETELY in the lower half of my body. They broke my water, gave me pitocin, and checked me every couple hours. I continued to dilate to a 3, 4, 5 each time they checked! I slept on and off from about 2-5am -- God bless you epidural!

Around 6am my nurse
checked me, said I was a 9.5, totally effaced, and predicted I'd be ready to push at 7am. 7am the nurse prepped me for delivery.. They woke Brian up and told us how the delivery process would go. I still could NOT feel ANYTHING! I couldn't lift my legs in the slightest, wiggle my toes, NOTHING. So they had me start pushing - I asked the nurse if I was actually pushing because I was trying to, but couldn't feel it. The nurse said I was doing great .. and after three pushes yelled for me to stop because the head was almost coming out! They promptly called the doctor who came in and prepped. Then he left and instructed the nurse to call him when I was ready to deliver. So, the nurse had me push. Again, I pushed TWICE, she yelled for me to stop, called the doctor and said "You gotta get here. This baby is coming out fast!" I started to sob at this point, knowing I was just minutes away from meeting my son. The doctor returned and I pushed THREE times and my sweet Beckham was here.

Brian and I wept, overwhelmed by how much we loved this little boy. He was perfect and beautiful and I felt so close to Heaven when they put him in my arms for that first time. The NICU nurses whisked him away from me abruptly because he had meconium in his system ... it was a scary moment. But they assured me that he was fine and that they just needed to clean him up and check him out.

He WAS fine and they brought him back to me. Wow, what a phenomenal feeling to hold him and know he was mine. What a special thing. I am so lucky to have been blessed with this little man.

We just adore Beckham!


Grand Debut

Beckham Alexander Davis

6lbs 11oz of sweet lovin!

More pictures to come.