The Seer

Let me tell you about Brian's special abilities. No, not special abilities in the bedroom. . .

About 6 months ago we ordered a bookshelf that came in pieces that you have to assemble. Basically Brian just screwed some boards together and now demands the title of
Joseph the Carpenter.

Another night Brian prepared dinner while I was at work. It was delicious and fairly difficult for a beginner... it
consisted of grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, and our favorite chicken rice a roni. Now he demands to be called Master Chef.

When Brian plays Halo
dominates... He demands
be called Master Chief.

His latest title is Seer. Recently B decided to do push-ups everyday. (He's been doing them for about two weeks.) And the other night he had a dream...

He was walking through the halls of the Marriott School of Business wearing jeans, white pumas, his recently purchased D&G glasses, black jansport backpack, but NO SHIRT. It was no doubt a celebrity walk. People were clapping & cheering for him, he was pointing and waving to his fans. And the best part is that his 8th grade girlfriend was there and all he said to her was "hey girl, wassup?" and then he kept walking. He seems to think that this dream is a sign of what is to come... his push ups are going to make him HUGE and very
* This is not Brian. This is a paid actor reenacting the dream. *

Hallows Reunion

In honor of this lovely lady . . .
Gladys Kay Larsen Hallows Brown

some of the cousins at the swimming pool...
we had full access to the Washington City Rec Center

Dad & Reed
playing a little basketball... i'm apparently smelling my armpits

Tio reed shootin hoops with the cuzins

The SIBS with Gammy: uncle LANE, aunt LINDA, aunt JUL, Dad

cuzin Ruby

Cedar & Creams

Jack & Allyson

Me & B & creepster Robin popping up in the back

Brian & Me

Me & Dallyn

ALWAYS a wrestling match when the Hallows get together

Bad A Kristen & Kade-o

Jon & Kade-ster playing on the SPLASH pad

GopGop Hallows GRILLIN

Shelbs & Abby

Steele, Amy & Abster

Miss Sally, Aunt Jul, and Mamasita

HOTT Kristen

Rennie & Mom

SO SAD to be driving home after our FUN weekend!