Each night when I leave work I make the commute home from Birdseye, Utah. I am absolutely terrified of Spanish Fork Canyon. BUT the thing is ... I worry about the sillier, less probable things that might happen to me... I panic when I drive through the ghost town that is left from the famous mudslide in Thistle. I freak out when I pass the same dog on the side of the highway that I see every night. I SWEAR the dog is a ghost. I'm always afraid that I'll get in an accident in a spot where I have NO cell service and a rapist will come kidnap me.

Well last week I was driving home with my friend Emily, who is an EMT and we came up right behind a major accident.

This was the culprit....

And this was the victim...

Actually, I think it's the other way around. That damn Elk just about killed a couple people. He was the culprit.

So here's how it all went down:
FedEx hit the elk and pulled over. A kid driving a little Honda Civic didn't see the elk in the road until it was too late... he ran right over it and nearly flipped as a result. It completely ripped up the front of his car. Poor guy was scared to death. Emily and I pulled over. She checked everyone out to make sure there were no injuries... luckily there were none. I got on the phone with Highway Patrol and then we started moving everything off of the road and onto the side. As we started talking with the kid that was driving the Honda we realized that he was driving home from work and it so happened he worked for our Boys Ranch (we work for the girls). So we stuck around to make sure everything got taken care of and then two hours later gave him a ride home.

This was the trail of blood and guts (literally. look close in the background for the piles of intestine) from when we drug the elk off the road.

the Honda's punctured front driver side tire.

the front of the Honda

the front passenger side of the Honda.. see the guts and fur?

the Honda's bumper

i may look like i have a goofy smile BUT i am totally freaking out to be anywhere near this BEAST! i kept waiting for him to wake up and attack like Tommy Boy.

Emily is not so scared...

So I guess of all the things I've been afraid might happen on my commute... I forgot to fear this. Luckily everything turned out okay. We were glad to be there to help.